Manufacturing and Distribution of Military Spare Parts

Today’s Defense Purchasing atmosphere can contain a multitude difficult requirements.  That is why it pays to purchase from an ISO9001:2008 Certified corporation with over 35 years of experience in complying with thousands of Mil-Spec requirements, hundreds of Corporate dictated procedures, maintaining detailed calibration records including traceability to the NIST, compliance with all FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) , DLA Master Solicitation requirements, DLAD Directives (Defense Logistics Acquisition Directives), PROCLTRS issues (DLA Procurement Policy Letters), and the recently high profile DFAR 252-225-7014 Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals.

Polytechnic obtains and maintains detailed certifications and records for all of the above-referenced requirements.  All parts are subjected to a dimensional, physical, and administrative inspections after each and every operation.  We regularly audit our sub-contractors and use only those organizations that pass our rigorous Vendor Selection Process.   We pass annual ISO9001 Audits, have recently successfully upgraded to ISO9001:2008 and are an approved vendor for many major International corporations as well as several foreign Governments.

Our attention to detail, meticulous record keeping, expertise in compliance, and well-established network of sub-contractors allows us to meet and exceed your and your customers’ requirements and expectations.  You can purchase from Polytechnic with full confidence.

Meeting the Demanding Requirements and Complying

with all of the Specifications of Today’s Defense Industry

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