Manufacturing and Distribution of Military Spare Parts


In a continuing effort to improve our quality plan Polytechnic successfully upgraded and passed an external audit to ISO9001:2008. We look forward to maintaining our commitment to quality.

As a two-generation small family business Polytechnic takes great pride in achieving thirty-five years of supporting our troops. We continue to grow and look forward to supporting the troops and those who service the military for another thirty-five years.

In addition to over thirty pieces of manufacturing equipment Polytechnic added a new CNC Lathe, CNC Mill, and CNC saw. We welcome additional work to fill our added capacity. The addition of new employees further strengthens our production capabilities.

11/09 Polytechnic successfully upgraded to ISO9001:2008

10/06 Polytechnic adds three new CNC machines

06/05 Polytechnic Celebrates 35 Years of Defense Manufacturing

Its official. We are completely moved in and fully functional. Our recent purchase of a 24,000 square foot facility has allowed us to expand and further increases our ability to service our customers.

Weve Moved

Bronze ABVM Award

The Federal Government awarded Polytechnic a Bronze Plaque for outstanding Quality Control and On-Time Delivery. The Bronze Plaque is awarded to the third best sub 100 employee Defense Contactor in the country.